Top 5 Excuses for Not Making a Will

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Top 5 Excuses for Not Making a Will

These are what we hear as the top 5 excuses for not making a will.  And, they are all terrible for you and your family!!!

5.  It is too complicated
4.  I’m married, won’t my spouse get everything?
3.  I don’t own anything
2.  I told everyone what I want to happen
1.  I don’t have enough time

Why are the top 5 excuses terrible for your family??

5.  Making a will does not have to be complicated. We are here to help make the process easier.  With our questions and interaction, we can help focus your energy to collect your thoughts, write down your wishes, and then let us create the legal means to turn your wishes into a will.

4.  Without a will, and with children, Louisiana law provides that your spouse does not inherit your portion of property, your children do. Even if they are from a different marriage.  Yep.  That is correct. Grown children and a young new spouse who you bought a house with?  Split ownership is the result of Louisiana law protecting your children from whatever marriage.

3.  Do you own a vehicle? Have a bank account?  If you answered yes to either of these, then you need a will – as simple as that.  Do your family a favor and potentially stop making life after you difficult for them, write a will.

2.  Telling everyone what you want and $1.50 will maybe get you a cup of coffee at McDonalds. In Louisiana, telling your family your wishes does not fit into the two categories of acceptable forms of wills.  Potentially your family could honor your verbal wishes, but someone will remember your words differently than another family member, and you can image what happens at that point…. Not much good.  Create a will in a form recognized by Louisiana law.

1.  Everyone is busy. Taking care of your family (ie. writing a will) is going to take a little time, but put your family first.  And, potentially save your family from weeks, months, or years of heartache dealing with your stuff!

Do your family a favor, WRITE A WILL!

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