Eight Tips to Care for Aging Parents/Loved Ones

8 tips for care for aging parents or loved ones

Eight Tips to Care for Aging Parents/Loved Ones

We often get questions on how to best support our parents/loved ones as they grow older.  Below are some key tips.  Also, be on the lookout for our newest product that is launching soon.  We will have our Ultimate Care Giver Guide available on our website.


1: Communication

Keep the conversation flowing and ask how you can help.

    • To Do: Ask your parent what they’re worried about and how you can assist



2: Health and Wellness

Encourage a healthy diet, staying active, and regular check-ups. Small changes, big impact!

    • To Do: Assign someone (yourself, sibling, friend, relative) to ensure doctor visits are kept



3: Financial Planning

Help organize retirement savings, insurance, and estate planning. It’s never too early!

    • To Do: Keep important documents in one easy-to-find place like the Ultimate Life Binder. If needed, designate a point person to manage finances.



4: Home Safety

Make their home safe and accessible.

    • To Do: Install grab bars, remove trip hazards, and use brighter light bulbs



5: Medication Management

Keep track of their medications.

    • To Do: Set up a system for the right doses at the right times



6: Long-Term Care Options

Know the different care options available, like assisted living or home healthcare.

    • To Do: Research in advance to save time and stress later



7: Legal Matters

Discuss and organize wills, power of attorney, and healthcare directives.

    • To Do: Know where these documents are and create them if they don’t exist



8: Self-Care for You

Don’t forget to care for yourself too! Balancing your needs with your parents’ is crucial. Prioritize self-care and seek support when needed.


If you or your parent/loved one needs assistance with estate planning, contact us today.

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