What do I keep in my Safety Deposit Box?

Bank vault with safety deposit boxes.

What do I keep in my safety deposit box?

This is a question we get all the time.  Our suggestion is important documents that are difficult, time consuming, or costly to replace.  Many times these items are available elsewhere, but can require a lot of time and effort to obtain.

  • Original Last Will and Testament, if your attorney is not keeping it on file.
  • Original Deeds for Real Estate, if your state provides purchasers with original deeds
  • Certificates of securities (actual stock certificates)
  • Certified copies of birth certificates/adoption records
  • Certified copies of marriage and divorce records
  • Original marriage licenses/certificates
  • Military discharge and service records
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Death certificates for very close relatives, or if you are working as the administrator of an estate
  • Social Security Cards
  • Government bonds – for example, a savings bond
  • Titles to automobiles currently owned
  • Actual copies of policies of insurance – life, long-term care, burial … Yes, you can get copies, but if you need it quickly, it may be easier to have it in the safety deposit box
  • Important contracts
  • Notes payable to you, (for example, your brother-in-law borrowed $10,000 from you and you had him sign a note to repay that loan)

And, you may want to keep certain things from your family that you never want to be in danger of destruction/theft.  Important jewelry, letters from long ago that are important to you, in bigger safety deposit boxes, some families keep silver.

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