The Ultimate Child Guide is NOW Available!

Ultimate Child Guide

The Ultimate Child Guide is NOW Available!

Are you tired of scrambling to jot down your child’s important information every time you need a babysitter or caregiver?  Do you worry about leaving your little one in someone else’s care without providing all the necessary details?  What about staying at your in-laws??

Stress-free nights away from your children are officially here!

We understand the challenges of parenting in today’s fast-paced world.  That is why we’re beyond thrilled to introduce the Ultimate Child Guide – a comprehensive workbook to organize all your child’s vital information in one place.

It is a great resource to alleviate all your uncertainties during overnight visits, going out to dinner leaving a babysitter at home, or even at daycare.  The Ultimate Child Guide is a go-to booklet containing all of the important information regarding the little one in your life.

It Is In the Details

From schedules, routines, easy breezy school drop offs, babysitter pickups, and do’s and don’ts to allergies, pediatrician numbers, and emergency protocols, enjoy peace of mind that your child’s caregiver has all of the relevant critical information at their fingertips.  Dedicated booklets for each child ensures that no detail big or small is overlooked.  Whether it’s picky eating, a special stuffed animal, or critical medical information.

Discover the confidence that comes with having clear information for each of your children in one dedicated, easy to follow place. Simply pack it away in your child’s overnight bag for a trip to Grandma’s house, or give it to a trusted teacher on the first day of school!

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What are People Saying?

What an amazing idea to help out parents! I don’t know how many times I’ve grabbed a random sheet of paper and scrawled down bits and pieces of the nighttime routine and important phone numbers, all while the babysitter was about to walk in the door. Inevitably I always forget something, or at least worry that I did. The Ultimate Child Guide is a perfect way to avoid that frantic preparation and worry. This way, I can take my time recording information about caring for my child, so I can rest assured everything a caregiver would need to know is all stored in one place. 10/10. – Melinda

Received the Legally Speaking Life Ultimate Child Guide and love it. The book has several sections I had not even thought of. It is easy to use, and super convenient! This solves my problem having to write down the same information over and over again. I keep everything in one place with the Ultimate Child guide and feel much more comfortable leaving my girls with a baby sitter or sending them to a sleep over. I have seen other guides, but not nearly as thorough. Very glad I got this. – Aaron

This workbook is so simple and easy to fill in then hand over to my parents when they take care of my kids! Especially the schedules and allergies / food sections are helpful. I added what they like, what they don’t, also important numbers and situations. My daughter has type 1 diabetes so I especially love the medical section where we can add notes / what to do and add important doctor phone numbers and contact. My kids are about to spend a weekend with the grandparents while we go to a wedding and feeling so much more at ease knowing they’ll have all this info easily at their fingertips! – Marianne

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