How Do I Get an Appointment to Create a Will and a Plan?

How to get an appointment to make a will and a plan

It is easy to get an appointment with us, but we need you to do a little work before our meeting.

Step 1

Complete our free Initial Will Questionnaire.  Call (504) 766-6786 to request a digital copy for free!!

Then, you can:

  • Type directly in the Word document, or
  • Print and fill it out by hand

Step 2

Call and schedule a time to come in with your completed questionnaire and review your wishes.

Our simple estate planning package ($750) includes:

  • A simple will
  • A power of attorney
  • A medical power of attorney
  • A living will
  • One Ultimate Life Binder (to store important information)

Want the Ultimate Life Binder now?  Click the link to start.

Want to learn more about the general information that will be collected in the Initial Will Questionnaire?  Take a look here.

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