What Does Real Estate Include?

What does real estate include?

Real estate is a huge part of a person’s life.  Most likely, a house is the largest single purchase for 99% of the population.  When you own real estate, you may have significant responsibilities – a mortgage payment, equity, property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, maintenance costs, IRS considerations, inheritance issues, ownership with a spouse, HOA and possibly MORE.  All of these may create even further responsibilities that connect property ownership with your life.

Factors to consider:

  • Estate planning or probate issues
  • Change in Life Circumstances
  • Ownership with Others- with or without children, ownership with others, whether or not having a spouse brings in inheritance issues, estate issues and legal issues
  • Leasing your property

If you have a legal issue or concern, contact us.  After listening carefully, we will honestly describe what we can do to help – or not.  But if it is something we cannot help you with, we can refer you to a qualified professional that we know will represent your best interest.