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Elmiron Lawsuit

This is an active lawsuit. If you or a loved one has taken Elmiron for an extended period and has experienced vision problems, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. 

Elmiron is Linked to Eye Damage and Blindness

Several leading eye clinics and research facilities - Emory Eye Clinic, Kaiser Hospital, and Harvard Medical - have reported a direct connection between Elmiron use and vision loss.


Eye damage from Elmiron and symptoms include:

  • Change in eye color

  • Blurred vision

  • Difficulty reading

  • Poor light to dark adaptation

  • Dark spots in vision

  • Straight lines appear curved

  • Muted colors

Many doctors are recommending that their patients stop taking Elmiron due to these serious side effects. The FDA  determined that warnings are now necessary on the Elmiron label to caution the public about the health risks.

Lawsuit Next Steps

We are in the process of helping Elmiron users determine if they are eligible to join this lawsuit.

One quick way to determine eligibility right now is to complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page. It takes about 2 minutes.


Or, give us a call.

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Free case evaluation

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